A Working Man


There are many times I look at my life and the success I’ve had. Work is a place that I’ve always been successful and with every job attained greater and greater responsibility.

In some ways work replaced the personal life that has always been a weak link in my life. As I went towards a wife and family I also moved away from a broader network of friends to a very narrow network of my wife’s friends, none of which I’m very close to.

As I contemplate separating from my wife and moving out on my own as a gay man I question if I want to continue to spend the time and effort at work to maintain the success I’ve achieved.

Work has been a kind of happiness and I’m highly respected in my field. I have a network of contacts built up over many years of professional life. That said, I’m not personally close with many people from my work life and certainly don’t socialize with them.

When I think of life as a gay man does it truly does mean starting over? Yes, it does. Essentially it means creating an entire network of friends from scratch. Not an easy task mid-life. I also think it means having work take more of a back seat or second place in my life instead of primary.

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