Dinner Under 30


I had dinner tonight with a young guy I met at a Meetup group for gay men in our area. He was in his late 20’s, bright, funny, interesting, a vegetarian with wonderful tattoos on his right arm and more that I could not see. He had recently moved back to the DC area where he grew up after college and graduate school in NYC.

While I cautiously thought of our dinner as a date, I wasn’t sure it really was a date or why he had agreed to have dinner. Even though I had asked him out, part of me was suspicious of him for accepting, given our age difference.

We met at the restaurant I had picked and fell into an easy conversation. I enjoyed talking to him but began to feel how very young he was. There was a freshness and energy to him that I found exciting. But he had a focus on himself that I found tiring. While he said that he was fascinated by my story about coming out older, he didn’t ask me one question.

I find the experiences of gay men of different generations interesting. His coming out story was a non-event and he was out in high school. I waited until I was 55. He told his parents in a casual car ride to a restaurant at 16 and they were not surprised. I can’t imagine having come out at 16 to my parents. But the world has changed dramatically and no place faster than the gay world.

So I enjoyed the dinner but am not really interested in anything more serious than friendship. It would be fun to learn from this young man about his perceptions of his gay generation. More to come on this topic.

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