My Company’s New LGBT Resource Group


Today, every large company seems to have an LGBT resource or affinity group. The HR group in my company is working to form resource groups, starting with LGBT and Veteran groups, and I’ve been asked to be involved in launching the LGBT group.

As someone who only came out a few years ago, it wasn’t clear to me that resource groups were really still needed since so much LGBT progress has been made in the last few years. But as I’ve talked to a number of my friends who have worked in companies with Resource Groups, I’ve begun to see that there is a valuable place for this kind of group, if done right.

With the help of the HRC website which has a great section on Employee Groups, I’ve begun to think a good deal about what a resource group could do for my company and I’ve begun to get excited. First, as a company, we currently don’t participate in the Gay Pride Parades. It would be really exciting to march in the Washington or Baltimore pride parades as a company.

Secondly, my organization has a published strategy for how they give money to the community and what they focus on. An LGBT resource group could align giving and volunteer efforts with the corporate giving strategy and mission, which I think would be really interesting.

And lastly, an area I’m very interested in is mentoring younger employees. While I came out late, I think I can really help other young LGBT employees in their career path.

Being this public is very new to me and not without causing some fear and anxiety. As I first thought about really going public to the whole company, it really scared me. But as I’ve let the thought settle in, I’m getting more excited and the fear is receding to the background. I think I really could make a contribution by playing a leadership role in my company’s LGBT resource group

So I’m excited and ready to get this off the ground. My personal goal is to launch our company LGBT resource by year-end and for us to march in next June’s pride parades.

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