Growing Old

I just spent the day with my aunt who lives in a assisted living facility. She is 88 years old. Last week she developed punemonia, which the facility caught in time, because she was running a fever, and they put her on antibiotics. She is recovering but severly weakened. Her ability to walk, which was limited before, is almost gone. She can take a few steps at the most. She is very tired all the time. Continue reading

Pool Party

Why is there such an age divide in the gay community? I went to a pool party this afternoon. The group was mostly in their 20’s and early 30’s with a few of us in our 50’s. There were virtually no men in their late 30’s or 40’s. For the most part the two groups did not speak to each other. Continue reading

Finding Love

In a letter to my parents, posted on this blog, titled Dear Mom and Dad, I talked about my life this past year and what coming out meant to me. My parents reacted wonderfully to the letter and both said that they did not know that so many opportunities and organizations existed in the LGBT world. Which did not surprise me, since neither of them have had much exposure to the gay world. My mother said that she cried at points in the letter. But when I asked my mother if anything I wrote surprised her, she said that yes, she was surprised that I said I was looking for love. Continue reading

Gay Resort Triptych


I don’t think gay resorts are what they once were, including Rehoboth. Rehoboth Beach is lovely. The downtown is filled with thousands of families on a summer day. The gay section of the beach is gay, but other then a lot of built (and not so built) guys in smaller bathing suits, there is not much difference. It is all very tame. Continue reading

A Toast to New Beginnings


We dropped my son off at college yesterday for his freshman year and moved him into the dorm. It’s hard to believe 18 years have passed since he was born. I’m so proud of him and excited for him at the same time. I can see the path he’s taking and I wish I could be doing it all over again with him. Continue reading

Dear Mom and Dad

dear-mom-and-dadDear Mom and Dad,

It has been a year and two months since I moved out of my marriage and house and into my new life. While the transition actually began two years before I moved out, moving out was the catalyst for tremendous personal growth and change in my life. Continue reading

Emotional Earthquakes

Years ago I built a family history web site. A section of the site housed all the digital photographic creations I had made over the years: cards, invitations, photos, awards, etc. Yesterday I found a picture of my son on the website, when he was probably 6 months old, sitting, or slumping, as 6-month-olds do before they can sit up, in the baby Stanford T-shirt my brother had given him. Underneath the picture, I had written his name and the caption: Class of 2018. Continue reading

The Life I Came Out For


There’s a woman who worked in my organization at my last job, that I recruited to the company I joined three years ago. I’ll call her Jane. We’ve known each other for the past five years. Jane never worked directly for me, but always worked for someone who reported to me. Yesterday we came out to each other. Since this is work, we didn’t come out to each other directly, but another woman at the company emailed me that Jane, and two other people, a man and another woman, were interested in getting involved with the new LGBT resource group, of which I’m the executive sponsor. I was very excited to see Jane’s name in the email along with the other two employees. Jane is someone who is a strong leader and I was hoping to find a way to get her involved in the LGBT resource group. But because we weren’t out to each other, there was no way for us to have a conversation on the topic.

Continue reading

The Death of Robin William

Photo 20140812055706

I’m saddened by the death of Robin Williams. As a teenager, he gave me countless hours of joy watching him play Mork. While he was seven years older than me, it feels like he’s of my generation. What despair drives a person to kill themselves? Williams, one would think, had everything. He could have left the world stage and lived out his life in ease. I hope as the story unfolds that there is more to it than just that the guy was depressed. His publicist reported that he “has been battling severe depression”. So why didn’t someone do something to help him? Continue reading