Gay Resort Triptych


I don’t think gay resorts are what they once were, including Rehoboth. Rehoboth Beach is lovely. The downtown is filled with thousands of families on a summer day. The gay section of the beach is gay, but other then a lot of built (and not so built) guys in smaller bathing suits, there is not much difference. It is all very tame.

Last night we went to the Blue Moon in Rehoboth. The show was hosted by a wonderful drag queen, Cashetta, who brought up a fantastic female singing group of three women called, Cover Girls, and later a very funny magician. The bar was mostly men in their 30’s and older with a smattering of younger men and women. The crowd enjoyed themselves, were well behaved and appreciative of the show. There was nothing over the top. I didn’t see any obvious cruising going on, but there may have been. It looked like friends with friends. Yes, the world has changed, or we’ve just gotten older.

Rehoboth is part of my 2014 gay resort triptych: first Ft. Lauderdale in December (ok it was late 2013); then Provincetown, MA this past June and now Rehoboth Beach in August. Each resort is different. Each attracts its own crowd. But the wildness I remember of Fire Island Pines or Cherry Grove or Key West in the late 1970s is long gone. The thing that struck me about Fire Island back in the day was that it was all, or mostly men. The resorts I’ve been to today seem like a peaceful coexistence of gay and straight, and more straight than gay in many ways.

All said, there’s still something nice about being in a gay bar or a gay resort. It is like being with family in an odd way. It is still the world where you can be yourself, whatever yourself is. There were two men lying on the beach kissing yesterday for the longest time. No big deal. Even in this new assimilated world we need a place where we can let our hair down and show we are not exactly like the straight world.

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