Sex and Aging


Aging, diabetes, low testosterone, all take their toll on my 56-year-old self. Sex ain’t what it used to be. I remember in my 20’s and 30’s that sex was such a core part of my thought process and how my body functioned. Noticing men on the street and getting all stirred up. I still notice handsome men but the excitement, or stir, as I would call it, is not quite as intense, doesn’t last as long. Ah, the good old days. Continue reading

My Weekend: A Men’s Yoga Retreat

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This weekend I went on a men’s yoga retreat. It was glorious. I feel like I went on a long vacation yet it only began Friday night and ended Sunday at noon. I should add that the yoga is naked yoga and that the men are gay. I should also add since my friends have asked me this question, yes the yoga is as hard as any yoga class anywhere and there is no group sex. Just yoga, good food, great conversation, and warm friendship. Continue reading

Craving the Closet? Fuck that Shit!

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I spoke to my mother today and asked if she had heard from my father that I had applied for a board seat with a nonprofit LGBT health care organization. As I described the organization, she asked, ‘Is that the only group they serve?’, meaning gay and lesbian. My father had asked the exact same question two days earlier. I explained that they served the whole community, but specialized in gay and lesbian health and was known for their care of HIV patients. Continue reading

Go Big Or Go Home


The other night I was in Washington D.C. walking from 14 street down U street to the Dupont Circle Metro. I passed two men walking down the street holding hands. It warmed my heart. And then it immediately dawned on me how far I had truly come. There was a time not too long ago when I would cringe seeing men holding hands. It would make me very uncomfortable. Continue reading

Putting The Life Back Into My Life

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Between the launch of my company’s LGBT resource group, where I will be the executive sponsor, and interviewing to join the Board of Directors of a nonprofit LGBT health organization, my life is about to launch into the next phase of this amazing journey. Continue reading

The Addiction of Coming Out

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What is it that holds so many men in the closet today? The world has gotten dramatically more open, yet so many men that I have met are deathly afraid to be honest about their sexual orientation and come out. Continue reading

Taking The Gay On The Road

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As a closeted man, I kept my passions, interests, and emotions in check to keep the gay from showing. I hid from the world so deeply that I became bland, boring, quiet, and very much in pain. Continue reading

When A Boy Reaches Puberty

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When a boy reaches puberty and begins to discover he is gay, there’s no road map for what happens next. There is very little in the straight world akin to the coming out process, which begins with coming out to yourself. Realizing that you’re gay is realizing that you are someone different than you thought. When I was growing up, even though I knew I was different than other boys, I expected that when I got older, I would be attracted to women and eventually have a wife and children. Continue reading

Nobody Raises A Gay Child

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Nobody raises a gay child by choice. And even when parents suspect their child is gay, they hope otherwise. Watching a video by Davey Wavey, a YouTube personality that I really like, talking to his mother about his coming out, was both moving and saddening. Continue reading