Present and Future Musings


This weekend I came up to New England with two friends of mine who are long term partners. Both men are lovely and we had a nice time exploring and being tourists in a town I’ve been coming to for over 50 years.

I had hoped to come on this trip with a ‘date’ or invite a man I was close to or at least interested in. I did ask one man who I was hoping could join me but he didn’t want to spend the money on the airfare from Washington, D.C. As I thought about other men I might invite but there was really no one that I was far enough into a relationship that I felt I could invite away for a weekend without it seeming like there was much more between us. It felt a little sad that I didn’t have someone to invite. And I was unsure about just coming alone, but it’s been a wonderful, relaxing weekend with friends.

Seeing a place that I have been to many times through the eyes of friends who are visiting for the first time is a great experience. We did some things, like going to a country fair, with competitions for the best scarecrow, all kinds of animals; some magnificent and unusual chickens; lots of fun food; a dunk tank; martial arts demonstration, just to name a few. Lots of fun.

Big week ahead for me. I will stand up and come out to about 125 people at a leadership meeting at my company that I’m speaking at and I also should hear if I was approved to be on the board of the health care non profit that I interviewed for. The next step in my life is at hand.

As I sit at the airport heading back to Washington, D.C. I’m tired but happy. It’s been a relaxing few days and I look forward to the week ahead.

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