I am overwhelmed. Tonight the board of an LGBT medical center in Washington DC voted for me to join their board. As I thought about it on the drive home, I got very choked up. It represented and amazing milestone in what has been an amazing journey.

I could never have imagined even a year ago that within the span of two weeks I would stand up in front of 175 people where I work and come out as gay, and then the following week join the board of an LGBT medical center. Just amazing!

What is really powerful is for me is that this feels like just the beginning of a new phase of my life. I feel that the role I have been playing in launching my companies LGBT resource group, and my new role on this board, will open up doors I cannot even imagine.

It is hard to take it all in. The other night in the middle of talking with my father about the mechanics of taking care of a summer home the family has, my father said how proud he was of me in the way I have handled myself in coming out to my company. I was so focused on the summer home that I almost missed it. I had to catch myself and really just soak in what my father had just said. For so many years I hope to hear that kind of praise from him, and there it was. And it was not just any kind of praise. It was praise on how I was coming out as gay man to the world. How amazing is that?

I am really loving this new life. There is an amazing power in bring your whole authentic self to the world. And what I am finding repeatedly, is that when I show up authentically, I get amazing support from the world. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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