Green Lantern

When I looked down at my wedding ring, like the ring the Green Lantern wore that gave him his power, I imagined my ring had the world see only the straight married man.  My ring exerted a powerful force field that hid all the chaos inside and kept my torment about my sexuality hidden. This is a true story about how I felt inside all those years. Continue reading

Friday 2:53 AM

Friday 2:53 AM

“Hey dad I know you probably are asleep right now but I saw I movie and it reminded me of you. It’s called Beginners, you might have seen it. I just wanted to say I love you and will always love you no matter happens. You are the greatest father and you have taught me how to be a man. Sorry for the late text but I feel like sometimes I don’t really show how much I appreciate you and I just wanted to make sure you knew” Continue reading

Now That I’m Dancing Who Cares If I Ever Stop!*

Yesterday I walked in Washington, D.C. with a man that I am getting close to.  We had gone to a museum and then lunch.  As we walked down 17th Street in what is a heavily gay area of D.C., I put my arm through his for what was probably only a few steps.  I was very conscious that we were in what I thought of as a safe part of town for gay men, and loved the intimacy of being able to walk in this way.  It was a freedom and public display of affection that was intimate and pleasurable.

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