Courage is the Road to Freedom


Photo of Balian Buschbaum

“Courage is the road to freedom.
I woke up in complete freedom today.
The sky is wide open.”
– Balian Buschbaum

Balian Buschbaum was a German female athlete who is also now a transsexual man. And he’s a very handsome guy. I was struck by his quote from around the time that he underwent his transition. And I fully believe he’s right. Courage is truly the road to freedom. I am free, or at least freer, today because of my courage in coming out and telling the world who I really am. And some of who I really was, was much of the same person I used to be. The only difference was that I also happen to be gay.

When I think of the road that I had to travel to come out as a gay man and the courage it took, I can imagine the courage it takes to tell the world that you’re changing from a woman to a man. It seems like such a bigger step than announcing your sexual preference. And what’s amazing to me is how attractive and sexy some of the FTM guys I’ve seen online are. Starting with Buck Angel and Lauren Cameron – – these are two very sexy guys.

Another sexy FTM guy is Ian Harvie, a wonderful comedian.  He is currently touring the country with his comedy show, which I plan to see when he performs near me later this year.  He also plays a sexy trans man on Transparent and does a brilliant job. When I saw the episodes of Transparent that Ian was in I wondered if Ian was a cis man or trans man.

So yes, courage is the road to freedom.  I used to think about my fear as a hill to climb and hoped that what was on the other side of the hill would be as good as I had hoped.  Well having climbed many of my fear hills, the other side of the hill is wonderful.

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