Not Your Shame Alone

I received an email from a man in his mid 50’s who is married, considers himself gay, has never been with a man sexually, and feels tremendously guilty and ashamed.  He asked me: “Does anyone else have this similar situation – or am I the only 55 year old virgin to sex with a man who is afraid to change his present situation?”  I wrote him the following: Continue reading

New Rules

I remember when my grandmother was in her early 90’s still worrying how she looked. It was surprising to me at the time to see this women well past her prime still worrying about how she appeared to the world. As I began to come out in my mid 50’s, I remembered my grandmothers perspective, and noticed how much I was conscious about how I appeared to the world. But I did not feel well past my prime. I felt like a new world was emerging. Continue reading