Owning It


Ian Harvey (Credit: SEESO)

Last week I went to Harrisburg, PA to see the comedian Ian Harvie perform. It was a great evening. His humor is so fresh and honest. He talks about his experience of being a trans man in a way that brings you into the experience with ease and humor. Continue reading

Owning My Identity, Unapologetically

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Thomas Lloyd in his TEDx talk

Why Am I So Gay?, a TEDx talk at Georgetown University, is an impressive speech by Georgetown University senior Thomas Lloyd. Lloyd says that “The reality of my own identity was that I couldn’t cover”, and he learned that he needed to own his own identity unapologetically. Continue reading

Unbridgeable Difference

internalized-homophobia (1)

I’m reading a wonderful memoir called, Body Counts by Sean Strub. He and I are close in age and many of the places in New York that he went to in the 1970s, I went as well: a gay bar in the West Village called the Ninth Circle; Studio 54; the St. Marks Bath. I downloaded Body Counts by chance, not knowing much about Strub or his story. It just looked interesting. I am surprised by how well the book is written, with wonderful color and detail. Strub tells the story of AIDS from a deeply personal perspective while putting into context what was happening in the world at the time. Continue reading



I am visiting my parents in Naples, Florida. I am overwhelmed and uncomfortable with the wealth in this place. While it is quite beautiful, it also is a town of tremendous largess and excess. The homes here are so large that it is hard to imagine who would need such a house. Continue reading