Unbridgeable Difference

I’m reading a wonderful memoir called Body Counts by Sean Strub. He and I are close in age and many of the places in New York that he went to in the 1970’s I went as well: a gay bar in the West Village called the Ninth Circle; Studio 54; the St. Marks Bath. I downloaded Body Counts by chance, not knowing much about Strub or his story. It just looked interesting. I am surprised by how well the book is written, with wonderful color and detail. Strub tells the story of AIDS from a deeply personal perspective while putting it into context of what was happening in the world at the time. Continue reading

Massage in Miami

I’ve arrived in Miami for a two day meeting. We’re staying at a lovely hotel on the ocean in Miami Beach. This morning, before heading out from Naples, I decided that I wanted a massage when I arrived, and looked on massuerfinder.com to see who would be in the area for a therapeutic massage. I reached out to three different massage therapists but did not hear back from any of them. So I made an appointment at the hotel for a massage when I arrive and had a wonderful male masseuse who gave me a fantastic 50 minute deep tissue massage. Continue reading

South Florida Blues

There is something depressing about the upscale and monotony and sameness of the wealthy enclaves of the world. Magnificent large homes. Beautiful landscaping. Not a hair out of place in this community. I find it all very claustrophobic. My mother says that people who earned money should be able to spend it as they see fit. But there is something about the upscale excess of places like Naples, Florida that is hard to be around for too long. Continue reading