South Florida Blues

Photo 20150307213240302

There is something depressing about the upscale monotony of the wealthy enclaves of the world.

Magnificent large homes. Beautiful landscaping. Not a hair out of place in this community! I find it all very claustrophobic. My mother says that people who earned money should be able to spend it as they see fit. But there is something about the upscale excess of places like Naples, Florida that is hard to be around for too long.

It is not that one shouldn’t love beautiful things in this world. But the largess and royal-like beauty is confining if taken in large quantities. Give me the grittiness of the city any day. I love the hardness and rough edges of city life. When I go to places like Naples, Nantucket, Palm Beach, Aspen I can’t wait to leave. I feel as if I am in a container of sameness and exclusivity which I am not privy to.

Looking forward to leaving Naples tomorrow for Miami. Let’s see if I have a different feeling in Miami.

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