Owning It


Ian Harvey (Credit: SEESO)

Last week I went to Harrisburg, PA to see the comedian Ian Harvie perform. It was a great evening. His humor is so fresh and honest. He talks about his experience of being a trans man in a way that brings you into the experience with ease and humor.

One of the stories I loved begin with a humorous discussion of him and his girlfriend shopping for cocks at the local adult store. Ian has had top surgery but had not bottom surgery. So they both had the experience of having this humous discussion about which cock was right for each of them.

Ian went on to tell the story of traveling around the country to perform with his cock in his carry on bag. He talks of his own discomfort each time his carry on luggage would go through the Xray machine and the potential that his bag would be opened and the TSA security person would want to know what was in the purple velvet bag. And then, Ian says, he decided to own it. So the next time the TSA person opened his bag, reached in, pulled out the purple velvet bag, and holding it up, asked, “What’s in the bag, sir?” Ian would reply, “It’s my cock.”

I loved this story. Very much in keeping to the essay I wrote titled, Owning My Identity, Unapologetically, Ian was owning his identity, unapologetically. I love the concept of owning who I am, without apology, with pride, with sureness, and without misplaced sadness or weepiness.

Ian is another beacon in the LGBTQ+ community saying we need to own who we are; we need to own our story; we need to own our identity, with pride and without apology.

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