Mothers Day


This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. While I feel my life has moved on in so many ways since separating from my wife almost two years ago, I felt that as the mother of our son, I needed to call her and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. It was a strange feeling because I knew my wife and son would be getting together with my wife’s family to celebrate Mother’s Day. Even though I would not want to join my wife and her family, it felt, none the less, like I had been left out of something. I called her cell. Got her voice mail, and left her a message. She did not call back. Continue reading

Traveling Man


In my day to day work life, I am fully out. Everyone who reports to me at work; my peers; and boss, all know I’m gay. But today I am traveling for business to participate in a product advisory group for a company that my company does business with. One of the subtle questions is do I come out? There is no real need to publicly declare my sexual orientation to people I do not know and yet the question comes up regularly in my mind. Continue reading

Queer Me


I love the way the younger generation has embraced the word queer. In my generation, it was a slur that meant something you definitely did not want to be. It implied a dirtiness and something low life. Today it is a banner proudly worn by many men and women. When I think of using the word queer to identify myself or my friends I am still a bit uncomfortable. But queer we are and queer we will be. Continue reading

Squeezing the Balloon

My goal in coming out was, in full public view, to fully experience the gay world, find love, and live happily ever after. And while this may read like a teenage fantasy, I think I am accomplishing my goals. 

Continue reading