Me and Football

The men stood around the large 36 inch color TV, encased in the fine wood finish of an expensive 1960’s television. They spoke a language that was indecipherable to me. Grunts and cheers. Screaming at the TV. “Ah, Christ, that was a terrible call.” “Go! Go! What’s the matter with you?” They spoke a raw angry tribal language I did not understand. The violence of their shouting frightened me. I was probably five or six years old. Continue reading

I Went To A Marvelous Party…

Last night I went to a party. It was with a group of gay and bisexual men, who I know from a peer support group for men who have been married or involved with women. There was a small in-ground pool which some of the men went into. Bathing suits soon disappeared and the men stood in the water naked talking. After a short while it became sexual with the men touching, kissing and ultimately sucking each other. Continue reading

Two Gift Baskets

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to a wonderful five star restaurant. At the end of each meal couples were given a single lovely cardboard basket, finished to look like the small inn we were at, filled with a small sampling of cookies, chocolates and fruit jellies. I had also noticed that every table around us was composed of a man and a woman. When it was time for the waiter to deliver our gift basket, my boyfriend and I each received a basket. While I was not about to turn down double the amount of lovely home made chocolates and cookies, I felt the meaning of our relationship had not been seen and acknowledged by the wait staff. It was a subtitle act making us invisible in a place I never expected to be invisible, the owner was well known as an out gay man. Continue reading