Spooning, what an inadequate word to describe such a lovely, tender, sexual state of being. Chest to back, lying with my partner, with my arm under his head and my other arm tightly wrapped around his chest. It is one of the most sensual, lovely experiences I know.

When I woke up this morning and looked over at my partner sleeping, I was torn between letting him sleep, and embracing him. But then he began to wake and slowly looked over at me. I moved in closer to him. As we lay in bed spooning, it was as if some kind of vibration was coming off my partner and tingling my whole body. I began to grow erect and my whole groin area felt as if it was vibrating. I almost asked, “What are you doing?” But I did not want to disturb the moment with words.

I lay there holding him gently, my chest to his back, kissing the back of his head softly. I felt at one with the universe. I did not ever want to move. I did not want to ever shift my position. I wanted to lay at that moment forever. But then the inevitable happened. My back started to twitch. My arm, that was under his head, began to fall asleep. I was forced to change my position. But as soon as my body recovered, I went back to spooning him. Those moments, holding my partner, fill me with a sense of stillness and completeness. I do not ever want to let him go.

Spooning. What an inadequate word for such a lovely embrace. And yet I can not think of another word that would be better.

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