New Anti-LGBT Church Rules

The Mormon Church has made its position known on LGBT relationships and marriage, through a revision of their handbook, which is so restrictive and small-minded that I suspect many will leave the church. It is hard to see a religion that believes so strongly in family, yet demonizes LGBT families, forcing those that want to stay in the Church to be treated as outcasts.

The saddest part of the Church ruling is that as Mormon children come of age and discover their god-given sexual orientation or gender identity, their Church will make them feel deep shame and emotional pain just for being who they are. It is quite tragic.

In a New York Daily News article from the Associated Press about the new Church rules titled: Pro-LGBT Mormons devasted by new church rules, one Mormon mother of a gay teenage son, Wendy Montgomery, “said news of the new rules left her son sobbing”. Montgomery characterized the new rules this way: “We just put a scarlet letter on these kids. This isn’t my church. I don’t see God in it. I don’t see divinity it. It just feels evil.” I agree with Mrs. Montgomery’s assessment. There is something evil about a group that would do this to children for being who they are.

While I did not have the pressure of religion when I was fourteen and trying to figure out my sexuality. I did quickly come to feel deeply ashamed for the attraction I felt towards other teenage boys. It was a terribly confusing and difficult time. There was no one in my life who saw my struggle and tried to help. My parents, grandmother, and aunt, who all suspected what I was going through, were silent.

It is tragic that this hate emanates from a religious organization that so many find value in. In my opinion, this position on LGBT makes the Mormon Church one of the evil haters in the world. Their position has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with their arrogance and contempt.

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