Marvelous Party


My boyfriend and I gave a dinner party last night. We had four friends over for dinner. To come up with the menu, I had to navigate my low carb diet and another man’s blood type diet. My boyfriend brought a wonderful salad and I made the rest, roasted chicken and butternut squash, green beans with lemon and pine nuts, and a homemade pumpkin pie. The table was set beautifully. The food was delicious. It was a lovely special evening.

When I think about my life, I feel so lucky and grateful for the life I have today. Just a few years back when I was still in my marriage, a dinner party would make me scream inside. I could not wait for the wretched event to be over. Today it feels so pleasurable to have other gay men, that I enjoy being with, come over to my home for a party. There is pleasure in developing the menu, cooking the food, and thinking through what will make for a pleasant evening.

What made the evening so lovely, in part, were the moments of intimacy with my boyfriend. At one point, in the kitchen together preparing dinner, we paused to put our arms around each other. It was a sweet intimate moment while still being part of the larger group. At another point, he sat on the couch with an ice pack around his sprained ankle. I went over and sat with him, putting his leg across my lap. We smiled at each other with a combination of affection and attraction that was fantastic.

And then, when everybody left, and the cleanup was done, I got to cuddle with my boyfriend. We both love spooning with me wrapping my arms and body around him. Spooning is a position that has me feel a deep connection with my partner and truly at one with the universe. It is a fantastic embrace, and I could stay in that position for the rest of the night, except for the fact that it was close to midnight and we were both ready to crash.

This morning we woke up late and I made breakfast. It all made for such a nice and special weekend.

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