Weekend Without You

travel man

My boyfriend and I have spent most weekends together for a very long time. Our combined schedules make it very hard for us to get together on weeknights. But this weekend he was away visiting his parents, following his father’s hospitalization for atrial fibrillation. Today is Monday and my boyfriend flies back to Washington, D.C. later this afternoon.

While I maintained a very busy weekend – it seems to have flown by – it was not the same without his being here. There is something about our being together that makes me feel complete. When we first began dating seriously, and he would come over to my apartment for dinner after a long day at work, I would feel all the pressures of the day fall away when he walked in the door. It was a renewal process that began with our first hug and kiss, to us talking while I cooked and then ate dinner, to us cuddling after dinner. My weekend was full but without my partner, it lacked emotional, physical, and spiritual nourishment.

So, boyfriend – I know you will read this post somewhere in your travels from the mid-West back to the Washington, D.C. area. Fly home safely and come give me the nourishment I missed – as soon as you can.

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