Let The Thanksgiving Games Begin


This week all my worlds intersected. I have been out of my marriage to a woman for two and a half years and have a relationship with a wonderful man for the past year. This week is a crazy back and forth between my worlds.

Today, Sunday, I take my son to Philadelphia to visit my family. My brother with his wife and three children are in town visiting my parents. My other brother who lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter will also be there. 

Tomorrow evening, Monday, my son and I return to Washington, D.C. 

On Tuesday, my brother and his family come to Washington, D.C. from Philadelphia to show his eldest daughter Georgetown University. My bother and his family will spend Tuesday night at the home my wife and I still own, and which she still lives with my son. 

Wednesday morning I will bake two pumpkin pies, one for Thanksgiving and the other for a party Friday evening. Then on Wednesday afternoon, I will pick up my boyfriend from his work and take him to an ambulatory surgery center to have surgery on his knee. I will take him home and probably spend Wednesday night with him. I want to make sure he is doing ok after surgery and be there if he needs anything. 

On Thanksgiving Day, I will head over to the house I once lived in with my wife for a Thanksgiving with my son, wife, her family, and her oldest friends. 

Friday evening I will go to a party with my boyfriend at the home of his old friends.

If your head is not spinning reading this, my head is spinning thinking about this week. The week is scheduled and is on automatic pilot, and I am looking forward to all of it. I think my head is screwed on straight about what is important to me and about who I am. I am grateful for my new life and at the same time feel lucky that I can still spend Thanksgiving with my son.  I do not have the fight so many of my friends have about who gets the kid(s) on the holidays. 

So let the Thanksgiving games begin. I am ready.

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