With my niece’s temperature spiking above 102°F last evening, I was worried that it would spike even higher overnight. Every time I woke up to go to the bathroom, which was 3 times last night, I went to my niece’s bedroom to check her temperature. Every time she called me for a drink of water, which seemed to occur like clockwork throughout the night, I checked her temperature.

My sister-in-law has a wonderful digital thermometer that you swipe along the forehead, which makes it easy to regularly check a temperature. With the help of the acetaminophen, that I gave her before bed and again around midnight, her temperature hovered around 101°F for most of the night. This morning her temperature was back to normal, but that did not mean she was better. It just meant that the drugs were working.

While my brother and sister-in-law are away for a few days I am the sole caretaker of my niece. While I feel perfectly able to deal with colds, the flu, cuts, and bruises, I lay in bed last night hoping that my niece’s temperature would not get any worse. I did not relish a trip to the doctor in the middle of the night, or worse, a call to 911. Luckily she woke up happy and with her temperature back to normal.

It is so much fun to talk to a three and a half-year-old. She is so full of stories. She is very verbal and wants to tell me about everything. If I do something wrong or forget something that is part of her daily routine, she reminds me. 

This morning when we woke up, because I had given her water all through the night, I wanted to quickly get her on the toilet. She looked out the window from the bathroom and wanted to know what the orange ball was in the sky. It was the sun. She wanted to know if it was sunset. No, I explained, it was sunrise. Ah, to be three again.

This morning she is playing happily with Play-Doh and I hope that she is feeling better. Between the acetaminophen and the cold and cough medicine, it is hard to tell if she is better or if it is just the drugs working. 

I know that I am not feeling one hundred percent. My nose is a little runny and I feel a little warm, even though my temperature is quite normal. I will probably get whatever cold, flu, illness my niece has. As my mother always says, “I just have to look at someone sick, to get their cold”. But that is just the price of being around a little kid with a cold. I am glad her parents return tonight.

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