Trump Fatigue

Given how Trump has dominated the news for months now, and the recent complete descent of Trump events into violence, it is hard to imagine how a President Trump would govern this country. The way he incites racial hatred, religious hatred, and violence does not bode well for the United States of America. 

I can imagine Trump supporters, during a Trump presidency, quickly becoming disappointed and angry when he can not fulfill his promises. He will be unable to deliver everything he has said he will do to, “make America great again,” given the limits of presidential power. I can imagine a president Trump pushing the limits of presidential power or even circumventing the rule of law to have his way. I can imagine military leaders refusing his orders. I can imagine Congress refusing to follow his leadership. I can imagine impeachment hearings. I can imagine Trump turning to wars, invasions, strong man tactics against anyone he dislikes in order to divert attention from his failures as president.

Last December I had the opportunity to see all the presidential candidates at a one-day event hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition. It was an event where every Republican candidate had 20 minutes to speak and answer questions. To be clear, I am not a Republican, but got invited to attend this event as a guest. Seeing Trump pander to a Jewish audience was stunning. He repeatedly called us “negotiators”. “I’m a negotiator like you folks.” Really? I was shocked at Trump’s rambling, disjointed speech to this well-heeled Jewish audience. I was embarrassed by the constant Jewish stereotyping and pandering that peppered his comments.

As the months have gone by, I have reached Donald J. Trump fatigue. Trump has ridden news cycle after cycle, with each day bringing something more outrageous and violent. I can not imagine how the Republican race for president goes forward from here. I can not imagine a Trump presidency. Who would he pick for Vice President? Who would he pick for Cabinet members? Is there anybody in his circle who could be Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, or Secretary of Homeland Security? There is no organization surrounding Trump that could form a government. There is no coalition of leaders who could play roles in a new government. Trump has the mob but he does not have the organizational structure to build a new government. Trump is a one-man show.

And what about LGBT rights? The truth is I do not know where Trump stands on many LGBT issues. I suspect he would be significantly more moderate than a Cruz or Rubio, but in reality, for a long time, he said very little about LGBT. As the campaign has gone on he has become more public in his anti-LGBT statements, saying he opposed marriage equality and recently saying he would nominate individuals to the Supreme Court that would repeal marriage equality. 

Conversely, Trump said he would support “amending the Civil Rights Act to include a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation.” But like many things Trump says, and then shifts on five minutes later, it is hard to know where he really stands on the issues and what he would do as president.

I hope the rest of the country reaches Trump fatigue quickly. This coming Tuesday could decide the race for the president of the United States and I believe that we are all in trouble if the Republican candidate that emerges is Donald J. Trump.

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