Where Has The Fight Gone?

I spent years fighting my attraction to men. Then I spent years fighting to come out. Today I am out everywhere in my life. Having fought to come out, now I just want to live my life, which includes time with my sexy partner.

Some of the fight appears to have gone out of me. I have never been one to make big political statements or fight the system.  My fight has been personal.  But I wonder where the fight has gone? Should I have more fight in me at this point? Should I just ride off into the sunset and live and enjoy my new gay life?

I would like to have more passion about the issues affecting LGBT people. I would like to have more drive to understand and learn about the lives of LGBT people less fortunate than me. I recognize I am an educated white man, privileged in our society. I have not had to struggle with poverty or lack of education. I want to care more about the large LGBT world I am now part of and the issues that impact it.

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