End of Summer

Today my son flys off to Europe for a college semester abroad.  My wife drove him up to Kennedy Airport in New York to drop him off.

As he prepared to go on his trip, I invited him over to my apartment for two dinners. Both nights we had really good, open, lively discussions. I enjoyed talking with him. We had an easy and warm discussion. I also liked being able to tell him about my new life, my partner, and the changes that were coming to our family as my wife and I begin divorce mediation in October.

He was very thoughtful and grounded as he heard about his parents coming divorce. I have felt that the more I can tell him in an honest and candid way what is coming down the pike, the better he will be prepared for what is to come.

He remains supportive of me and his mother equally and I have tried to be scrupulous in keeping any annoyance I might have with his mother out of our conversations.

I am proud of him and how level headed he seems at twenty years of age.

I am looking forward to visiting my son in Europe with my partner in October.

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