The Great Trump Wars


I am not a Muslim nor was I born in one of the seven countries Donald Trump has chosen to block entry into the United States from. I am a white man of privilege, born in the United States. I am also an out gay man. 

Coming out later in life I missed the earlier fights for LGBTQ equality. I came out in a relatively safe period of LGBTQ history in the United States. My country, it seemed, for one short moment, was embracing and supporting my gayness. Coming out a few years ago seemed safe and mainstream. Today I find myself forced to fight.

In the span of one short week, the new administration has created successive waves of uncertainty and turmoil. I suddenly feel less safe in this country, the United States of America. I am less sure about the stability of the United States and our leadership in the world then I was just two weeks ago. We as a nation are moving in a dangerous and frightening direction and I do not know if it is possible to pull back from the abyss. 

A friend of mine posted online: “Are the “Let’s give him a chance ” people done yet?”  I thought Yes, I am so done. While I did not have high hopes for the new administration, I did feel the right thing was to give the new administration a chance. I did not think my personal grace period for the Trump presidency would end after just a few short turbulent days. 

We are a nation of laws and a nation that inherently trusts in our institutions. When an unstable, mentally disordered individual assumes the highest office in the land there is no precedent for what to do. When the world rises up in protest, what will an individual, who is now president, unable to bear the slightest criticism, do?  It is a very dangerous situation.

I marvel at the news as they try to analyze Trump’s actions through the lens of normalcy. The talking heads discuss his actions as ‘strategic’ or ‘not thought through’ or the result of ‘inexperience’, but they do not, for the most part, describe them as the actions of someone who has a mental disorder. 

Read the descriptions of Narcissistic Personality Disorder online: “Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.” Does that sound familiar? There is an increasing number of prominent articles that are describing Trump as mentally ill, including locally in my hometown LTBTQ newspaper.

We have descended so quickly from a stable functioning country to chaos. The loss of respect for the United States in such a short time does not bode well for what is coming. A friend of mine wrote a fanciful post on social media from the vantage point of many years into the future and looking back at “The Great Trump Wars”. I hope we do not go down this path but the world seems to be unraveling so quickly it is hard to know where we will land.

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