Betty Grable Legs

Ahhh. The end of a lovely week in Provincetown, Massachusetts. My partner and I spent the last seven days in a fantastic condo close to the center of town. 

We had a lot of beach time – three trips hiking across the marshes to the gay part of Herring Cove beach. The gay part of the beach is a remote, beautiful, pristine experience. To reach the beach you enter the marsh area and hike across sand and shallow pools of water to the beach, which takes about 25 minutes. The beach was not terribly crowded and we enjoyed the sun, the swimming and the handsome men walking by. 

We also rented bikes and spent a morning biking on the trails through the Cape Cod National Seashore. The trails are very hilly and had me using every gear the bike had to offer. My partner, who has legs of steel mostly toughed out the hills in low gear while barely breaking a sweat. The landscape of what is called, Province Lands, is incredibly beautiful with gnarled cape pines, grasses, and large sand dunes. 

We spend our last morning sailing, and after lunch, spend the afternoon cuddling. In the morning we rented a 17-foot daysailer and traversed the bay for almost three hours. After a late lunch, we returned to our condo for showers and some intimate time together. It was a nice way to close the trip.

Throughout this week we had lots of physical closeness, which included cuddling, laying together talking, and of course, sex. At one point my partner looked down at my legs with a sexy smile on his face. “Ok, what are you thinking?” I asked, “Just Admiring Your Betty Grable Legs.” He said. 

Our last night was the best dinner of the trip. The restaurant was small, highly rated in Yelp, and delivered on its promise of incredible food. Everything from the appetizer to dessert was just delicious. I am not looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow morning. 

After a year in which my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and an eight-month battle to save her life, ending in her death, my relationship with my partner was tossed about and stressed. Since her death, we have not had much time together, let alone a real vacation. It was so nice to have a quiet, intimate week together. It again proved to me how easy we get along and how much fun we have together. It was a lovely, restful week.

I hate the thought of returning to work on Monday. The coming week brings a level of pressure and lack of downtime which I do not look forward to. I know how quickly vacations are forgotten when work takes over. 

1 thought on “Betty Grable Legs

  1. I just started following your blog this summer. I stumbled upon it by accident, and then began reading your story. I am glad that you had an enjoyable time in Provincetown. You deserve it after all you’ve been through. And the title of your post….I looked up Betty Grable. I knew she was a famous film star of the 40s and I remember hearing about her legs, so I just had to see for myself! Good luck going back to work.


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