Recovering My Erections

I began to experience ED in my early 40’s. I don’t know exactly when it started, but at the time, it was all twisted up with my closeted existence and the difficulty in having sex with my wife.

I wasn’t sure, at the time, if it was really ED or was caused by the lack of sexual attraction to my wife. I also actively masturbated, at the time, to gay porn and begin to see some of the ED signs there as well. I asked my doctor to prescribe Cialis, which helped, but also had a double whammy effect: I had less sensation with Cialis, and also, my erections could be so rock hard that it was hard to achieve orgasm.  My cock felt overinflated, rigid, and deadened.

Over the years, I began to experience increasing ED, increasing difficulty reaching orgasm, and an increasing loss of sensation at the point of orgasm. I have discussed these issues with multiple urologists, primary care doctors, and one doctor that specializes in sexual functioning. All the conversations were disappointing.

All the doctors said pretty much the same thing: not much we can do for difficulty achieving orgasm and loss of sensation. Many chalked it up to my diabetes.  Even though my diabetes is exceptionally well controlled (my hemoglobin A1c has averaged 5.2, a non-diabetic number, for many years), it didn’t matter to the doctors. My diabetes was to blame.

With the sex doctor, I tried all kinds of mediation off-label to improve libido. One drug made me so loopy I was afraid to drive. I didn’t take any of the meds for very long and eventually stopped seeing the doctor.

I have limped along with these issues for many years, with no improvement in sight. At 61 years of age, the ED, ability to achieve orgasm, and the sensation upon reaching orgasm have all gotten worse as time has gone on.

Recently my partner and I began to learn about two procedures, which may change the course of all these issues. My partner’s urologist recommended Energy wave therapy, or low-intensity shock wave therapy (LI-SWT) for his ED.

We both began to research this topic. I learned from my internist, who has a clinical practice focused on anti-aging, that he was starting to offer two new treatments: GAINSWave, a brand of energy wave therapy, and the Priapus Shot or P-Shot using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

After a good deal of research, I have decided to do both. This week I had my first two GAINSWave treatments. Next week I get my first P-Shot and my third GAINSWave treatment.

I’m excited to begin this journey and see where it goes.

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