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PRP Centrifuge

Last Wednesday I had my third GAINSWave treatment and my first P-Shot. For the first two GAINSWave treatments I did not use any numbing cream, but for the P-Shot, I slathered my penis up with numbing cream and then waited about thirty minutes for it to take effect.

Blood was drawn for the P-Shot. The blood amount was more than I had anticipated and I wondered if I had drunk enough water, afraid I would get light-headed or dizzy, but in the end, I was fine.

To set the scene, I had taken off all my clothes, except socks, and had put on a hospital gown. I lay back on the examining table. My knees were spread wide with my feet together. The lights were lowered in the room and soft music played–an attempt by my doctor to make this more spa-like. I pulled up my hospital gown and the doctor covered my penis with ultrasound gel. First, my doctor did GAINSWave, five rounds of sound wave therapy. My penis was defiantly numb and I could barely feel the GAINSWave. After the GAINSWave he cleaned the gel and numbing cream off my penis with alcohol wipes, multiple times, before beginning the PRP shots.

My physician and I had agreed that he would give me five shots of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that were centrifuged from my blood. Thankfully, unlike some doctors that announce you are about to get poked with a needle, my doctor said nothing as he injected the PRP, and I felt very little.

I did feel something being injected into my penis, but it was more like a feeling of filling up in my penis. There was very little discomfort. The most lasting effect of the day was the numbing cream which took most of the afternoon to wear off. All afternoon I felt my numb penis rubbing against my underwear–not a pleasant feeling.

I felt like my penis was defiantly put through the paces that day, but the P Shot was easier than I thought and I was glad the discomfort had been minimal. I made the decision that evening NOT to try and masturbate and let the treatments settle in, even though I was anxious to give my penis a test drive.

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