P-Shot: What Happened Next?

PRP After Centrifuging

As I wrote in the prior post, the actual P-Shot, while a little uncomfortable, was a much better experience than I had expected. There was one small bruise where one needle had gone in, which soon cleared up, but otherwise, my penis looked and felt pretty much the same.

The next day after my P-Shot, I wanted to test drive my penis to see if there were any differences. I began to masturbate to some gay pornography. There was an increase in sensitivity and pleasure while I masturbated and to my surprise, I came easily. Since my early 50’s it had become increasingly difficult to achieve orgasm and usually required me to squeeze and push my anal muscles to reach orgasm.

This event was an ah-ha moment for me. For some reason, since I had been squeezing my pelvic floor muscles to achieve orgasm, I had assumed the problem was in that area of my body. It had never occurred to me that part of the difficulty in achieving orgasm had to do with the actual functioning of my penis and the sensitivity of my penis. Experientially, I felt like the increased sensation while masturbating had sent the right signals to my body to orgasm.

Two days after the P-Shot, again masturbating, the same thing happened, I came easily. I was thrilled and thought this was the beginning of something new, but as the days went on this effect faded. From what I have read it takes a number of weeks for the P-Shot to be fully effective, so I am hoping for the return of easy to achieve orgasms.

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