Early Results: GAINSWave and P-Shot


Yesterday I had my 5th GAINSWave session.

I purchased a total of 12 sessions and two P-Shots. For the first three weeks, I have GAINSWave two times a week, followed by once a week for the next six weeks. I had one P-Shot after my third GAINSWave and will have one more P-Shot at the end of the GAINSWave sessions. After this cycle of P-Shots and GAINSWave treatments, my doctor has suggested monthly GAINSWave and periodic P-Shots.

Here is what I’m experiencing so far: better, but not perfect, erections. I am able to get hard without Tadalafil, (generic Cialis). While I’m not always able to maintain my erections, I can, with physical stimulation, get hard again. This getting hard again is completely new. Is the past, without Tadalafil, when I lost my erections, they were gone for good.

I’ve also noticed a bit more sensitivity in my penis. This increased sensitivity is very subjective but I think it is real.

My doctor cautioned me from the beginning not to expect much until we were further along in the treatments, so I’m very pleased with the results thus far, this early in my treatment journey.

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