It Was Only Saturday


This past week I completed GAINSWave treatments 5 & 6. These treatments are definitely having an effect but it is hard to put into words just what the effect is.

I seem to have a much stronger erection initially when I get aroused, but the erections do not always last too long. I am able to get my erection back, somewhat, after it has gone, with the help of masturbation and porn, but it is more difficult to stay hard when having sex with my partner. While I am very attracted to my partner, the always-on stimulation of porn helps me stay hard.

Getting to the point of orgasm is still difficult, but has a different feeling to it since GAINSWave and P-Shot — again, hard to put into words. I did have one very strong orgasm two days ago that was beyond anything that I have felt in many years and gave me hope for these treatments to really change my orgasm experience. This all amounts to changes that are very much in process and happening at a slow but steady pace. I now move into weekly GAINSWave treatments for the next six weeks after three weeks of twice-weekly treatments and in six weeks will have a second P-Shot.

My partner and I both began GAINSWave about the same time and it has had a turbocharging effect on our sex life. We get excited watching each other using a penis pump, have wanted to test-drive our changing penis, and had a new sense of exploration and adventure. Yesterday we played sexually for a few hours, and while we could not stay hard enough to reach orgasm, had a great time. Finally, we took a break, popped some Tadalafil, (generic Cialis), had some lunch and ran a few errands, and then came back and had sex again, ultimately achieving orgasms, and it was only Saturday. We have a whole day ahead of us today on Sunday.

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