Back in the early 1970s as I was beginning to explore my sexuality and my attraction to men, I began to buy and collect gay porn magazines. I hid them in the hollowed out back of my mother’s old portable record player which I used as a nightstand.

At the back of some of the magazines, I remember seeing advertisements for things like penis pumps. In my teenage mind things like cock rings, vibrators and penis pumps were something used by old men who needed help to get off. Not me. In fact, the first time I saw a cock ring on an older man during sex, he was in his forties and I was seventeen, I was grossed out.

Years later, as I grew older, I began to experiment with cock rings, anal vibrators, and other toys. However, up until a few weeks ago, I had never tried a penis pump. I did not see the point. My penis was adequately large and nicely shaped and pumping seemed not only weird but unnecessary.

When I had my first GAINSWave treatment my doctor provided me with a battery-powered penis pump and instructions for twice-daily use for ten minutes a session.  The instructions directed me to pump my penis, hold for 10-20 seconds, release the pressures, and repeat for up to 20-30 cycles. The pump, he explained, would help with the success of both the GAINSWave and P-Shot treatments.

From my GAINSWave and P-Shot treatments and twice-daily use of a penis pump, I am now experiencing harder erections than I have had for many years, (without the use of Cialis). BUT, so far these erections only last for a while and then begin to go away, usually before I reach orgasm. Once gone, I can sometimes get the erection back, but not without a lot of work.

When I am erect now my penis does not quite feel like itself.  There is some discomfort when erect that is hard to describe and I do not know what is causing it.  Is it the pumping or the treatments? Is it the sensation of veins growing or a sign of something wrong?  I really do not know.

When I began GAINSWave and immediately after my P-Shot the sensations and sensitivity in my penis when masturbating or having sex with my partner began to intensify. That increased sensitivity seems to have faded for the moment and has been replaced by the discomfort I am feeling when erect. One thought is to stop pumping for a few days and see if is the pumping that is causing the discomfort. Another thought is to give my penis a break and stop trying to have daily orgasms, either through masturbation or sex. I will also search online for similar stories to see what might be causing the discomfort.

More to come on this topic.

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