Eating Our Way Through the Pandemic

Ok, who has gained a few pounds with all this time at home?

Today I made traditional Jewish chopped liver.  First I cooked down chicken skin and onions to make two traditional Jewish items, schmaltz, and gribenes.  Schmaltz is chicken fat rendered down from chicken skin. Gribenes is the cooked down chicken skin and onions until it’s like deep-fried pork rinds. Then two pounds of chicken livers, sautéd for six minutes, mixed with three hard-boiled eggs, gribenes and schmaltz get mixed in a food processor.  Pure heaven in your mouth!

My mother’s response to this recipe? “Schmaltz for my heart?? I don’t think so. Ice cream is bad enough. My G—, I slept until 10:00. I think people will not make it [through the pandemic] because of inactivity and loss of human communication.”

My husband and I are home together and talk constantly, so we have plenty of human communications.  I love to cook and so take on the majority of our food preparation. Lunch was cut vegetables and chopped chicken liver.  For dinner, I made roasted salmon and garlic mashed cauliflower. All of it was delicious.

My husband and I took a walk through our neighborhood and adjacent park, which was one mile.  I also did some yoga and strength exercises using my body weight. So I got a little bit of exercise today.

But my weight is slowly slipping up the scale.  Even with exercise I am less active than normal and eating too much.

Does going up two pounds per pandemic month sound correct?

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