Getting Married with a Dirty Bathroom



Like so many of us whose mothers warned us the dangers of being rushed to the hospital with dirty underwear, I see my bathroom in much the same way.

I have had the same cleaning lady for many years, but with COVID-19, while we continue to pay her, we have asked her not to come to our home this month. We’ve vacuumed the house and kept the place passably clean, but we have not cleaned the bathrooms.

The idea of having our virtual marriage ceremony this Saturday, with a dirty bathroom, gave me the impetus to clean the bathroom this morning. Even though it will only be my partner and myself in our home, I would have been embarrassed to have anyone in our house our wedding with a dirty bathroom.

What is it in our psyche that fears the potential of having the cover pulled away to expose our dirty underwear or dirty bathroom? What does it say about us as a person to have someone find our underwear is dirty or our bathroom has not been cleaned in weeks? It is silly, I know. I was lying in bed last night thinking, “How can I get married with a dirty bathroom?” I could not. So this morning, the bathroom was made spotless.

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