All Things Gay

I often think about how lucky I am. From the first tentative painful steps in coming out five years ago to today, where I am fully out in all parts of my life. I am sometimes amazed at how far I have traveled and how well it has gone. Here is just a few of the things that I have been involved with in the past few weeks:

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Gay Boy Marching

Coming out at 55 years of age leaves a gay gap in my memories. I sat on the sidelines as AIDS raged. I walked the other direction in New York City when I realized the gay pride parade was in full wildness in the mid 1990s. When learned that an old friend of mine, Ken, had died of AIDS, I went to the memorial service, but then returned to my life in the closet.  Continue reading

New Rules

I remember when my grandmother was in her early 90’s still worrying how she looked. It was surprising to me at the time to see this women well past her prime still worrying about how she appeared to the world. As I began to come out in my mid 50’s, I remembered my grandmothers perspective, and noticed how much I was conscious about how I appeared to the world. But I did not feel well past my prime. I felt like a new world was emerging. Continue reading

Why It’s Sandra Bullock!

I really have only done drag once in my life, if you do not include the Rocky Horror costume I made my first year in college for halloween. My most recent drag experience was at a workshop I took a year ago the week before I separated from my wife. The workshop itself is hard to sum up, but simply put, it was a personal growth workshop for men only of all sexual persuasions, but most attendees were gay. Continue reading