Back in the early 1970s as I was beginning to explore my sexuality and my attraction to men, I began to buy and collect gay porn magazines. I hid them in the hollowed out back of my mother’s old portable record player which I used as a nightstand. Continue reading

Orgasm Trifecta

inside shorts

As a young man experiencing the pleasure of orgasm for the first time it was inconceivable to me that this pleasure could ever go away. If an older person had told my teen or twentysomething self that my orgasms would change and evolve as I aged I do not think I would have believed it. Continue reading

Next: P Shot

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PRP Centrifuge

Last Wednesday I had my third GAINSWave treatment and my first P-Shot. For the first two GAINSWave treatments I did not use any numbing cream, but for the P-Shot, I slathered my penis up with numbing cream and then waited about thirty minutes for it to take effect.
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