No Longer Home


Since before my wife’s death this past April, I began to live in the house that I had moved out of four years earlier, when I began my life as an out gay man. I had never planned to live in our house again.  But that all changed as my wife’s health declined from terminal cancer. 

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Finding My Joy – Part II

My parents are in their late 80’s and last year my brother and I took over the management and care of two adjacent summer houses in New England.  We are renting out the larger house for the first time ever this summer and worked for the last year to get the house de-junked, fixed up, spruced up and ready to rent. After making an enormous investment of time and energy to get the house ready, I wanted to enjoy of the fruits of my labor. I carved out a week in August with my partner, and invited two of our friends to join us for a vacation. My parents are staying in the next house. My sister arrived two days after us to spend a week with my parents.
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Nantucket Reds

Nantucket Reds Walking around Nantucket yesterday brought up emotions in me that date back to my childhood.  My reaction to seeing a certain type of well to do men and women, dressed in elite preppy styles, full of self confidence and sureness, implying a closed exclusive world, is not good. It makes me cringe inside and feel uncomfortable. It also encourages my contempt. 
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Two Gift Baskets

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to a wonderful five star restaurant. At the end of each meal couples were given a single lovely cardboard basket, finished to look like the small inn we were at, filled with a small sampling of cookies, chocolates and fruit jellies. I had also noticed that every table around us was composed of a man and a woman. When it was time for the waiter to deliver our gift basket, my boyfriend and I each received a basket. While I was not about to turn down double the amount of lovely home made chocolates and cookies, I felt the meaning of our relationship had not been seen and acknowledged by the wait staff. It was a subtitle act making us invisible in a place I never expected to be invisible, the owner was well known as an out gay man. Continue reading