Is The Gay Showing?

As I went from teenager to adult, from student to white collar worker, I began to actively compartmentalize the gay man within.  I walled off a corner of myself that was gay and it became my own private landscape.  I would be attracted to a man on the street but it never took physical form.  The attraction was walled off in my mind and emotions.  While I went on to get married, have a child, and continued to experience professional growth and some success, I was on constant guard.  Was the gay showing?

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Gay Resort Triptych


I don’t think gay resorts are what they once were, including Rehoboth. Rehoboth Beach is lovely. The downtown is filled with thousands of families on a summer day. The gay section of the beach is gay, but other then a lot of built (and not so built) guys in smaller bathing suits, there is not much difference. It is all very tame. Continue reading