Now, “different” is nice, but it sure isn’t pretty
“Pretty” is what it’s about
I never met anyone who was “different”
Who couldn’t figure that out

– At The Ballet from A Chorus Line

I knew I was different from a very young age, even though my mother, grandmother, and aunt tried to turn it into being special. As the character Bebe sings in A Chorus Line, I figured out that I was not like the other boys and it was not a good thing. I did not engage in baseball on the playground, I was completely disinterested in sports and could not get my head around the rules or players’ role in different games. Continue reading

Aging Parents

I took the train up to Philadelphia from Washington, DC to visit my parents. My father is recovering from robotic cardiac surgery five weeks ago. After having a tube down his throat for the four hour surgery, dad developed difficulty swallowing and a feeding tube was put in. Now on the mend, he is both eating three meals a day as well as receiving additional nutrition through the feeding tube at night. He also still receives his medication through the feeding tube during the day. During the months leading up to surgery where he mostly slept and ate, and then the week following surgery where he was in a bed for seven days recovering, he has lost a lot of muscle mass and in now walking with a walker. Continue reading