Marriage Revisited – Part 1

When I separated from my wife, moving out of our family home and moving into an apartment, my life changed dramatically. Within a few weeks I came (back) out to my parents, both in their mid 80s, my 86 year old aunt, my four siblings and some of my closest friends. From there I came out to my cousins and my other aunt and uncle, and then ten months later, after a lot of thought and planning, I came out at work. After years of hiding who I was in a small secret compartment, ashamed to share my secret with anyone, I felt incredibly liberated. Each coming out was increasingly empowering and integrating. Continue reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I remember watching the Glee Christmas Special in 2011 when Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Chriss) sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside” — one of my favorite songs. I cried when I saw this performance for the first time. It was one of the pivotal events that helped push me other of the closet. When I saw this on Glee it was so beautifully done and in the world that it helped me see how much the world had changed and also that I could no longer live with the pain and loneliness of remaining in the closet. Continue reading