The Great Trump Wars


I am not a Muslim nor was I born in one of the seven countries Donald Trump has chosen to block entry into the United States from. I am a white man of privilege, born in the United States. I am also an out gay man.  Continue reading

The Show Must Close

khizr khan

Khizr Khan with his wife, Ghazala Khan, during the Democratic National Convention. (Michael Bryant / Philadelphia Inquirer)

Watching the antics of Donald Trump is like watching the best reality show on TV, except that this is for real. Just when you thought that he could not go lower, could not cross one more uncrossable line, he does. There is both a horror and a thrill watching this election. Horror as the sheer banality and ugliness of Trump. Thrill at the show.   Continue reading

Not Settled Law: Marriage Equality

The Advocate reported that the White House would give LGBT Syrian refugees priority for entry given the persecution they face under ISIS. The Advocate writes, according to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, “the administration would instead prioritize letting in those refugees ‘deemed to be the most vulnerable.’ LGBT people would be among those meeting that definition.” 

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