The Man for Right Now

A common refrain I have heard from older men, coming out later in life, after marriages to women, is this: “I have found the man of my dreams. I’m so happy.” That is, of course, until a few weeks later, when I hear, “It was incredible until he broke my heart. I’m devastated.”

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Tell me something wonderful!


One of my earliest memories of my aunt was when I was three or four years old. She would tell me stories about a fairy named Matilda that lived in a thimble under her bed. She would talk in a high childlike voice as she explained that she would feed Matilda strawberries and cream every morning and they would drink tea from little tiny teacups and have all kinds of adventures. Continue reading

Boy Colored Glasses


Sitting in a coffee shop this morning I was surprised by the number of cute, sexy men who came in. Some alone, some with other guys and some with women. Texting my partner as I sipped my coffee I told him that there were a lot of cute suburban guys in the coffee shop this morning. It was difficult not to stare. It seemed like the men were cuter than the women. Maybe it is my perspective, I texted. His reply, “You are seeing the world through boy colored glasses.” I guess am. Continue reading

Klondike Bars and Holding Hands


When is life too busy? Both my boyfriend and I have extremely busy lives. I have an executive-level job which has me put in long days and I also serve on the board of a non-profit LGBT medical center, along with other volunteer work. He works by day as a web developer and by nights and weekends as a voice teacher. Usually, he teaches three evenings a week plus Saturday. All this leaves us very little time to be with each other. Continue reading

Guilt or Why Do I Feel Bad? – Part 1


Why does disagreement with my wife cause me such stress? Back in June, I planned a weekend at a friend’s house in Rehoboth, Delaware with my boyfriend. Last week my wife asked me if I would fly to Albany, NY next Friday to drive home with my son in his car after his summer job as a camp counselor ends on Saturday. She feels that he will be too exhausted from the end of camp and should not drive home by himself. Continue reading


The man I am in a relationship with today and I were introduced by a friend one evening at a men’s Meetup monthly dinner about a year and a half ago. We sat in the back of the restaurant at a table talking and eating. I thought he was sexy, cute, and probably way too young for me. I was surprised to learn later that he was in his early 50’s and not his early 40’s as I had assumed.

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