The Little Death

Litany Against Fear


There is real death, and then there is what I think of as, the little death. When I use this term I do not mean what people describe as, la petite more, a term that is tied to the feelings at the point of orgasm. I always think of, the little death, as it was described in the book Dune, by Frank Herbert.  He writes in the Litany Against Fear: “I have no fear, for fear is the little death that kills me over and over. Without fear, I die but once.” 
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Mr. Robot, Divorce and Coffee

A number of months ago, when my partner of a year and eight months and I first discussed the idea of living together I was very excited.  But then I quickly got very scared.  Although at that time I had not yet started the divorce process with my wife of 23 years, I had been avoiding doing anything that would rock the boat with her.  The early explorations of co-habitation with my partner brought these issues to the forefront.  

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