A Continual Act of Coming Out


This morning I spoke to a man who is in the process of separating from his wife and getting a divorce. He told me that he loves his wife, but after she found emails between him and other men that he was having sex with, their marriage broke down. He described himself as bisexual and equally attracted to both men and women. He went on to describe that he had not come out to his adult children or his friends and family because of how people see bisexuality. He feels that most people believe that bisexuality does not exist and that a man who claims he is bi is really just gay but cannot admit it. His wife had told him that she thought that he was really gay, which is very unfortunate. Continue reading

Gay With Autism Spectrum Disorder


My nephew, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, was in Washington, D.C. this weekend on a school trip. He goes to a special boarding school in New England for kids with emotional or learning challenges. While he is almost 17 years old, he talks and acts more like a fourteen-year-old. He has the classic traits of ASD such as an intense focus on a very narrow set of topics that he will ask about nonstop. He has a lumbering gait that makes him look a bit clumsy. He has repetitive behaviors or rituals, such as constantly touching the acne on his face. But with all this, he is a sweet young man and is very easy to like. Last year he shared with his father that he is bisexual. Since he knows I am gay, this has also become a central topic of our relationship. Continue reading