Finding My Joy – Part II

My parents are in their late 80’s and last year my brother and I took over the management and care of two adjacent summer houses in New England.  We are renting out the larger house for the first time ever this summer and worked for the last year to get the house de-junked, fixed up, spruced up and ready to rent. After making an enormous investment of time and energy to get the house ready, I wanted to enjoy of the fruits of my labor. I carved out a week in August with my partner, and invited two of our friends to join us for a vacation. My parents are staying in the next house. My sister arrived two days after us to spend a week with my parents.
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Opera Queens

Beverly Sills in Roberto Devereux

I attended a wonderful production last night at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City of Donizetti’s, Roberto Devereux. We attended with an old friend of my partner’s who was in New York City for a get together of a group of Beverly Sills’ fans from across the country. Why did they choose to see this opera? According to the Met’s web site:

“Soprano Sondra Radvanovsky takes on the extraordinary challenge of singing all three of Donizetti’s Tudor queen operas in the course of a single season, a rare feat made famous by Beverly Sills—and not attempted on a New York stage since.”

So what better way to get together in NYC than at an opera role Beverly Sills made famous.

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Better Late Than Never

Thanksgiving in the USA When You’re Gay and Closeted

It’s Thanksgiving here in the USA and a very odd time to be a closeted gay married man. Big family gatherings tend to accentuate the feeling of loneliness and separateness, because it’s a time of hiding and internal stress. While my family, my wife’s family and a few old friends will descend on our home today, it becomes a time for me to put on my happy family mask and pretend everything is just fine. Continue reading