Post Modern Man

The easy electronic communication between gay, bi, married, and all other men, looking to find one another gets easier each year. At the risk of dating myself, when I was in graduate school in the early 1980s I played online with a service called The Source and later CompuServe. Both had gay areas for chat. While the world has added pictures and GPS locations, the content of the chats are not too different than I played with 35 years ago. Continue reading

In the Age of Grindr

Finding another gay man when I was a teenager and into my twenties meant one of three things: looking in the personal section of an underground newspaper; going to a bar; or cruising a park or restroom.  None of these I found particularly attractive.  In a bar I could never get up the courage to approach someone and start a conversation.  Even today I find the idea of approaching a stranger in a bar daunting.  I went to a bar in New York City this past week and couldn’t get myself to start a conversation with another guy who was also alone.  And I never tried to pick up a man in a public place, even thought I’ve looked over a few now and then.  I did try the personals as a teenager a few times with mixed results.  Continue reading