My Sexy Beard

I have never grown a beard before. Oh, I had some feeble attempts to grow beards in my 20’s and 30’s that were very short lived, but I have never had the courage to wear a beard to work. I remember in my late-twenties growing a beard when I lived in New York City. My mother was visiting me and we were in a cab together. She turned to me as we headed down Broadway, just passing Union Square, and let me know that she did not like the beard. I do not remember exactly what words she used, but her comments confirmed all my self doubt that the beard made me look silly. When I got home I shaved off the beard. I do not remember growing a beard for more than a few vacation days since that cab ride with my mother over thirty years ago.

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True Story With A Gay Ending

I just went through security at TF Green Airport in Rhode Island. I was coming from a conference and planning to fly home to Washington, D.C. I fly regularly for business and rarely have had a problem with security. In fact, I have TSA Pre, for expedited screening through security, but today it did not show up on my boarding pass, so I went through regular security like everyone else. Continue reading

My Weekend: Men’s Yoga Retreat

This weekend I went on a men’s yoga retreat. It was glorious. I feel like I went on a long vacation yet it only began Friday night and ended Sunday at noon. I should add that the yoga is naked yoga and that the men are gay. I should also add, since my friends have asked me this question, the yoga is as hard as any yoga class anywhere and there is no group sex. Just yoga, good food, great conversation, and warm friendship.  Continue reading