Boy Colored Glasses

Sitting in a coffee shop this morning I was surprised by the number of cute, sexy men who came in. Some alone, some with other guys and some with women. Texting my partner as I sipped my coffee I told him that there were a lot of cute suburban guys in the coffee shop this morning. It was difficult not to stare. It seemed like the men were cuter then the women. Maybe it is my perspective, I texted. His reply, “You are seeing the world through boy colored glasses.” I guess am.

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Weekend Without You

My boyfriend and I have spent most weekends together for a very long time. Our combined schedules make it very hard for us to get together on weeknights. But this weekend he was away visiting his parents, following his fathers being hospitalized for atrial fibrillation. Today is Monday and he flys back to Washington, D.C. later this afternoon.

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Sex and Aging


Aging, diabetes, low testosterone, all take their toll on my 56-year-old self. Sex ain’t what it used to be. I remember in my 20’s and 30’s that sex was such a core part of my thought process and how my body functioned. Noticing men on the street and getting all stirred up. I still notice handsome men but the excitement, or stir, as I would call it, is not quite as intense, doesn’t last as long. Ah, the good old days. Continue reading

Nobody Raises A Gay Child

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Nobody raises a gay child by choice. And even when parents suspect their child is gay, they hope otherwise. Watching a video by Davey Wavey, a YouTube personality that I really like, talking to his mother about his coming out, was both moving and saddening. Continue reading