My Issue, But Your Issue Too: A Letter to My Son

As a gay man and a father I could not have asked for you to be any more supportive than you have been since I came out to you three years ago. When we marched together this past summer, with my boyfriend, surrounded by my coworkers, in the Capital Pride Parade, it was a powerful and empowering experience.

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A Letter to my Son

Where does one begin to describe a life? Did it begin when I was born? Did it begin when you were born nineteen years ago? Or did it begin when I first met your mother on the tour we both took to the Soviet Union in 1990? For me the story needs to begin on the day I came out to you and then moves backwards and forward in time from there.

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End of a Marriage

The most exciting news is that I came out to my 16 year old son a few weeks back and it surpassed any of my wildest hopes of how well it would go. He told me that he loved me and that I would always be his father and that he supported me. He said also that he had suspected for about a year. What gave me away? The fact that I didn’t like sports and that I did like Glee were both, in his mind, key reasons he believed I might be gay. Continue reading

A Stake Through The Heart

My wife said to me last night that my coming out to her as gay drove ‘a stake through my heart’. And that she felt it would take years to recover. But she was focused on protecting my son and didn’t want me coming out to him until he was older. In fact she wanted me to stay until January of his senior year in high school, almost two years away. Continue reading